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Victor Bruce is a commercial / corporate photographer and video producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Victor recently celebrated his twenty third year in business in this exciting city.


Victor began his photographic pursuits in Southern California, where he earned an associates degree in photography from Orange Coast College, one of the most renowned photography programs in the United States. During this era, he assisted several of Orange County's veteran commercial photographers and eventually became the studio manager for one of the top commercial photographers in Los Angeles before moving to Nashville.


Today, Victor Bruce is a seasoned professional with over thirty years' experience in photography, video production, and design. His clients include local, national, and international corporations; ad agencies; and design firms. Victor loves to become a part of each client's world for a time, and produce visuals that help set their business apart from the competition.


Victor is an expert at producing exceptional results on location and brings all of his experience, expertise and professionalism to every project.


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office:      615-773-1055

toll free:  877-776-4587


victor bruce photography & video production

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